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Last Update: 30th March, 2002
Stable Version 1.0.31

=( News on Backend News Project)=

Stable version 1.0.31 has been released. Check the changelog here.

First stable (1.0.30) release. This will be the last release for a long time to come.

Beta 1.2.30 release. More sites converted to XML RSS feeds. Removed some stale dead sites. All feeds seems to be working now.

Beta 1.1.25 has been released. Added a better XML parsing ability by using XML::Parser module.

Beta 1.0.25 released. Added support for 5 more websites : Newsforge.net,Bsdtoday.com,Kuro5hin.org,Weatherpaper.com and dotcomma.org

Beta 1.0 release of the project Perl module, named NewsGrabber and also scripts to use this module.
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